ONLY DEATH IS REAL: Once again, murder and mayhem have arisen within Norway's infamous black metal scene. As originally reported by Terrorizer, Steingrim Torson, the frontman of Norwegian black metal horde Celestial Bloodshed (Moribund Records) was fatally injured after an incident at a friend's apartment in Trondheim, Norway. Torson suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach, and died at the age of 25. The 20-year-old friend has been arrested by the Norwegian authorities and questioned about his involvement in the shooting, but according to his attorney, Morten Aalberg, "has no explanation of how the gun went off." According to police inspector Alf Rune Nilsen says, "Witness accounts and technical findings at the scene suggest that a murder was committed." Noisecreep offer our condolences to the victim's friends and family. Hails unto a fallen brother.

SPECIAL EDITION ALERT: Fans of Ukrainian atmospheric black metallers Drudkh, take note: you're about to shell out a whole lot of dough for an incredibly worthwhile cause. For the upcoming release of the seventh Drudkh album 'Microcosmos,' Season Of Mist is producing an exclusive box (30 x 26 x 4 cm) made of solid wood in premium dark finish with raised sliding cover and cut out Drudkh logo on top. It will be limited to 500 copies worldwide and comes with the digipak-version of 'Microcosmos'. The box will also include the first CD release of Drudkh's sold out 10" 'Anti-Urban' EP (originally limited to 999 copies) and only available in this box, alongside a limited 'Microcosmos'-shirt and an additional special DVD-format booklet, which will not be available with the regular version. A sales price has yet to be determined, but will be announced with the start of pre-ordering at the Season Of Mist website in May.

REBORN IN CHAOS: Veteran Australian black metallers Nazxul have reformed, inking a contract with Moribund Records and already plotting a worldwide tour. A statement from the band reads: "After a decade of silence, the long-anticipated return of the Antipodean cult has arrived. The forefathers of Australian black metal, Nazxul have unleashed upon the world the long-awaited Iconoclast album. Eight new tracks of unrelenting black metal in the unique style forged by Nazxul in the early '90s, which set these faceless phantoms apart from their contemporaries. The Iconoclast work explores brutality, speed, epic orchestration and occult themes more intensely than any previous releases by Nazxul, thus crowning Iconoclast as a supreme release and Nazxul's Magnum Opus. Nazxul is dead - all hail Nazxul!"

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