Quiet Riot ended due to the tragic and untimely loss of frontman Kevin DuBrow in 2007, but since then drummer Frankie Banali found himself going through the band's extensive media archives. Most of it has never been seen. The footage is from the band's private reels of full concerts (shot from the side of the stage), interviews, backstage mayhem and even vacations. There's enough footage to make a couple hundred documentary films, but Banali only wants to make one. He's reaching out to fans to help make this happen, too.

"I had people come up to me that wanted to back the project," Banali told Noisecreep, describing the original people interested as representing corporate entities and record labels. "I opted not to do that because there were too many strings attached. They all wanted a documentary made the way they wanted it, because they felt they were funding it."

Banali opted to work with independent director Regina Russell, who recommended to use the website Kickstarter to help get support from the fans. A lot of rare and exclusive gifts go to those who pledge to shrink the funding problem. One fan is already going to have a one-on-one drum clinic with Banali.

"I'm still cataloging all the material, but I want the fans to be proactive and I want to know they want it. Because if they don't, I'll throw a party with 200 of my closest friends at the house and just play reel after reel after reel.

"Viewing all this material has been therapeutic in a way," Banali admitted, his tone and thoughts going to his friend. "Kevin and I knew each other for 28 years and played together for the better part of 27. Watching it has run the gamut of emotions, from hysterical laughing or amazed that something was even caught on film. It's has also been incredibly sad, because I've come to the realization that the only way I can see my friend Kevin now is in [film]. I can't see him or call him or have lunch together."

To those that have and will donate to the project, Banali has been uploading private videos to say thanks. The most recent unearthed clip was of Banali and DuBrow interviewing complete strangers while in a hotel bathroom.

One fan wondered if there was footage of a sole 1986 encore where Quiet Riot covered a Beatles song. Banali soon put it on the site. "I want the fans to feel as good about this as I do."

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