Poor Geoff Rickly. The singer of New Jersey's screamo progenitors Thursday was robbed at gunpoint in NYC this week, with the thief making off with the musician's phone, passport, rent money and more.

Rickly detailed the ordeal on Twitter, but refused to bemoan the situation, which, as anyone who has ever had their ID thefted knows, is a major headache. He outwardly proclaimed his undiminished love for New York City and his continued disdain for weapons. He also took care to thank family, friends and fans, especially those that donated money for his free mixtape on Bandcamp to assist. He was clearly moved by the show of support, which was unsolicited. His attitude remains positive, which is truly inspiring, since it would be easy (and understandable) for him to curse his fate.

Below are his tweets, which play-by-play the robbery and display his subsequent "Keep ya head up" attitude. Noiscreep can only hope that the perpetrator is caught and that Rickly's items are restored to his possession.

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