Lacey Sturm recently released 'Heavy Prey,' the Flyleaf frontwoman's contribution to the 'Underworld: Awakening' soundtrack. "There are four movies in the franchise now, but when I took on the project, I had only seen the first two. I had to go on some websites to learn about the plot of the new film, and then I wrote my lyrics around that," Sturm told Noisecreep about 'Heavy Prey,' a collaboration with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo. "You would think that they would have let me see the film before I wrote the song, but no luck there [laughs]."

The last year has been life-changing for Sturm, who is married to Joshua Sturm, guitarist of the band Kairos. "I lived most of my life in Texas, but I've settled down in Pittsburgh. My husband is from here. We met at a Flyleaf show in Columbus. Anyway, when we got pregnant, we decided to move here to be closer to his family," Lacey tells Noisecreep.

The rocker couple welcomed Joshua "Jack" Lewis Sturm in April 10, 2011. "I'm loving being a mom. The advice a lot of our friends and family gave us before our baby was born was to enjoy the first few months, since they go by so fast, and they were all right. Someone asked my grandma what kind of mother I was, and she said, "She's not like a mom at all. She's more like a kid playing with a baby doll all the time [laughs]. It sounded kind of insulting, but I'm glad that what sees [laughs]. My husband never changed a baby before, but he got it right away. He was like, "I don't care if he poops on me, I love him so much! It's so cute," laughs Lacey.

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Our conversation then shifts to Sturm's future plans: "The rest of Flyleaf have been in Los Angeles working with Howard Benson, and I'm going to meet up with them in February to start my vocals. I'm actually bringing my son with me, so I'm really excited. But I'm not sure what the deadline is like in terms of the album release date and all that. All I know is that it will come out this year [laughs]."

Besides her 'Underworld:Awakening' soundtrack work, and recording Flyleaf's upcoming third album, Sturm is also planning on tackling a new medium: "I've had it in my heart to write a book sometime soon. A few different people have approached me about writing one in the past few years, but the timing just hasn't been right with my schedule. It's going to be about my experience, you know, how I got to this point in my life. A lot of kids ask me about that kind of stuff when I meet them on tour.

"My lyrics seem to resonate with a lot of Flyleaf's younger fans and what they've been through. They relate to the things I've been through, for whatever reason. They also know they I understand them. So they always want to talk to me about the songs and their meanings. They want to know if the bad things they are going through are going to be forever, or whatever. I think it's going to be great to be able to talk about these things in a book and hopefully help some people out there. I hope I can find time in my schedule to do it soon, because it's a really important project for me."

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