Back in April, Five Finger Death Punch were sued by their label, Prospect Park, for a breach of contract as they attempted to begin work on a new record. Since the event, FFDP have signed a deal with Rise Records that will start after their final obligations to Prospect Park are complete. In a new interview, guitarist Jason Hook has explained the reason why they selected the label as the band's new home.

As a guest on The Scotty Mars Show on Live 105 in Nova Scotia, Canada (audio below), Hook detailed how Rise Records' work ethic aligns with the band's. "Of course that's where I think a lot of bands lean," he began when asked if the group weighed the option of forming their own label and signing distribution deals. Continuing, he said, "But the nuts and bolts of it is that it takes a good, focused team to do all of the things that need to be done for a record and its cycle. And we're not delusional about knowing that a good team and a good label is just healthy and good for us. And Rise — it's a very hard-working, no-bullcrap, focused label and they work hard."

Stating that they received offers from every label, Hook added, "We don't want the 'Los Angeles, too-cool-for-school bigshots.' We want somebody that's more, like, gets up and goes to work every day and isn't looking for lifestyle party; we want a label full of people that are really as hard-working as we are."

Talking about their forthcoming record, he said, "I guess we accept that everybody has to get up and go to work. And we love what we do, so it doesn't really feel like work. But I don't know why. We're hyper individuals and we like to be productive. And the other part of that, too, is that we have to tour so much that there really is only a certain amount of time available to do recording. So even though it may sound premature, it's not coming out this month — it's gonna come out next year — but we have to fit in some of that work now, because this is the only gap we have."

Prospect Park claimed that the band breached their contract while not fully cooperating with a proposed new album and greatest hits set. They also accused the band of “attempting to cash in before the anticipated downfall" of singer Ivan Moody, who had been taking steps to battle substance abuse. Five Finger Death Punch and producer Kevin Churko independently responded to the claims issued by the label and the group themselves later responded that they were fully prepared to record the final album under the contract.

Jason Hook on The Scotty Mars Show

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