As lead guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, Jason Hook has very specific demands of his guitar. He recently partnered with Gibson to create his own signature instrument, the M4-Sherman Explorer, which is now available to fans looking to emulate his look and sound. Hook recently posted a video going into detail about the ins and outs of his custom axe.

Many of the details unique to this lead guitarist’s signature six-string are modifications he often made to other guitars in the past. The first detail Hook often points to is the groove cut into the body near the upper-most register of the neck. He explained that he's often had trouble reaching the highest frets during solos, so he’d route that section out. Gibson fixed the issue for him, removing that portion in the production model. Hook also added a bevel along the top of the body where his arm rests to make the guitar more comfortable to play.

The guitarist's model is missing the pick guard, so it has a length of plastic tubing in place to cover the wiring. The M4-Sherman features one of rock and roll’s most popular pickup combinations, with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a ’59 model in the neck position. The neck has 22 super-jumbo frets and a granadillo fretboard, which is denser than the more traditional rosewood. It also features mini locking Grover tuners for extra tuning stability.

This custom axe features a special visual theme. The graphic is a military-style chevron, and the truss rod cover is stamped with military-style letters. Meanwhile, the back of the neck holds a Jason Hook silhouette decal. It even includes a hardshell case in Army green with a tank stencil on it.

For more details on the Jason Hook M4-Sherman Explorer, visit Gibson’s website.

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