Last spring Egypt Central released 'White Rabbit,' their latest slab of melodic rock, and the band has been out on the road ever since. Produced by Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, 12 Stones) the record finds the Memphis-based act delivering the kind of songs radio programmers foam at the mouth. Egypt Central is currently on the road with Pop Evil, tearing up stages throughout the US. During a break on their tour bus, bassist Joey Chicago gave Noisecreep the list of five albums that changed his life. As you'll see below, the early '90s were very important to the Egypt Central rocker.

Nirvana (1991)
"This album came out when I was at just the right age to be tired of a make-up saturated MTV. I wanted to rock out, but I didn't relate to spandex. It was a voice for a new generation and I was a part of the evolution."
Red Hot Chili Peppers
'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' (1991)
"I am a bass player, so obviously this record had a huge influence on me. Flea really solidified himself as a true master of his craft and helped create a sound original to the Chili Peppers. From funk lines to punk shredding, it was a soundtrack to my Adderall-infused teenage years."
Rage Against the Machine'
Rage Against the Machine (1992)
"When I blasted songs like 'Killing in the Name' through my speakers and studied the lyrical content, I realized that there was a choice each artist faces. Will my message be one that can literally change the world? What will my motivation be? Rage helped me see the responsibility an artist has to themselves and their listener."
311 (1994)
"I remember getting in one of my first fights around the time I discovered 311. I also remember screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs after the fight. I was air-bassing P-Nut's hard funk riffs in a Taurus as it tore away from the fight. It's a great memory. We had unity then."
'Life and Times'
Jim Croce (1973)
"When I was nine-years-old, I would fall asleep to this record every night. My father had given me an old cassette player and I would play it without fail when I laid down to sleep. I would always wake up to flip the tape over and listen to the B side. It was my first real love of singer/songwriter music."
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