Ozzy Osbourne's new guitarist Gus G. has been working hard learning riffs and solos by Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee and Zakk Wylde, but that hasn't kept the Greek metal deity away from his own band Firewind. This fall, the power metal group will release its sixth album 'Days of Defiance.' Of course, Gus G. can be heard on Ozzy's new album 'Scream' before then, which comes out June 22.

Firewind are currently featured on U.K. mag Metal Hammer's May edition Judas Priest tribute CD playing 'Breaking the Law.'

"We actually recorded everything for that cover song in our home studios," Gus G. said, "and then passed over the files to Fredrik Nordström/Studio Fredman in Sweden for the mix."

He continued, "This also marks our first recording with our new drummer, Michael Ehre, and the end result is killer, as we got to cover one of metal's most classic songs. We'll check back soon to reveal more info, song names, etc. We can't wait for you to all hear this and we promise it will be worth the wait."

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