In Filter's video for 'What Do You Say,' a bunch of bad ass punk teens, who sport an assortment of countercultural looks, like tattoos, pink hair, black nail polish and neck tattoos, pull balaclavas over their heads, obscuring their identities, and proceed to cause trouble on a golf course.

Showing up in a mini van, brandishing golf clubs and giving off a menacing vibe, they commandeer a golf cart, using their clubs as weapons to knock rich men of leisure out of their way and off their game.

We're not quite sure what causes this pack of teens to beat up golfers and engage in wilding, other than that general feeling of being held down by "the man," something any teen can relate to. The violence that these teens dole out doesn't really seem to have a purpose -- we don't have any context as to what set them on this dangerous path.

Filter frontman Richard Patrick enters the action in the last third of the video, playing a waiter in a fancy eatery, being talked down to by patrons. He's no different than the gang of kids who have made their way from the course to the restaurant and who have moved on to beating on the diners.

Does Patrick eventually join the resistance or become its victim? Watch and find out.

Watch Filter's 'What Do You Say' Video