It was Sept. 11, 2001 when Slayer released their 'God Hates Us All' album, their first disc of the 21st century and one which definitely struck a chord with listeners. This Readers Poll asks you, the Slayer fans, to tell us your favorite song from the 'God Hates Us All' album.

This was definitely a key disc in the band's career as the foursome of Tom Araya, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman and drummer Paul Bostaph reached new levels of brutality with this effort. Sadly, an injury to Bostaph would necessitate his exit during touring for the album leaving him unable to truly promote the vision he started with the group.

The song 'Disciple' earned the band a Grammy nomination, showing that there was some recognition finally coming for their amazing song craft. 'New Faith' and 'Payback' also pack a punch as well. But tracks like 'Bloodline' show the band can maintain the intensity even when taking the foot off the pedal, so to speak. Add in cuts like 'God Send Death,' 'Threshold,' 'Exile' and 'Here Comes the Pain' and the 'God Hates Us All' album was truly a bit of a creative rebound for the band.

Check out the full 13-cut track listing and let us know which of Slayer's 'God Hates Us All' songs is your favorite by voting in the Readers Poll below: