On Oct. 27, 1967, the world welcomed the powerful pipes of Scott Weiland and all these years later the frontman has been responsible for some of the best rock songs of the '90s and 2000s. This Readers Poll asks you which of Scott Weiland's tracks is your favorite.

Weiland came to fame in the '90s with Stone Temple Pilots, generating an impressive list of hits that began with 'Sex Type Thing' and concluded in the early 2000s with 'Days of the Week.' The frontman would eventually reunite with STP and generate another No. 1 single with 'Between the Lines,' but differences between he and his fellow bandmates led to his ousting in 2013.

The talented vocalist also fronted the popular hard rock outfit Velvet Revolver in the early-to-mid 2000s, yielding such standout tracks as 'Slither,' 'Fall to Pieces' and 'She Builds Quick Machines' among others before creative differences and an offer at an STP reunion led to his exit. In addition, Weiland has spent time releasing albums as a solo artist, with 'Lady Your Roof Brings Me Down' and 'Missing Cleveland' among his top solo cuts.

With Weiland's prolific career as both a solo artist and frontman for two successful bands, he's got a lot of great songs to choose from. Vote for your favorite Scott Weiland song in the Readers Poll below: