It was 1993 and Nirvana was at the height of their fame. Sadly, 'In Utero' would be the band's final studio effort, as Kurt Cobain would die a year later. With the surviving members set to offer the 20th anniversary reissue this fall, this Readers Poll asks you to name your favorite song off of Nirvana's 'In Utero' album.

Nirvana kicked off the album with 'Heart-Shaped Box,' a darkly melodic track that featured the memorable line, "I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black." Despite its controversial title, 'Rape Me' was actually an anti-rape song that still earned some airplay. The disc also featured the tracks 'Dumb' and 'All Apologies,' two cuts that received an extra boost after the band performed them during their 'MTV Unplugged in New York' special.

Add in cuts like 'Scentless Apprentice,' 'Pennyroyal Tea,' 'Serve the Servants' and 'Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle,' and Nirvana's 'In Utero' turned into a very deep album with plenty of tracks for fans to embrace.

Check out the original album track listing and let us know your favorite Nirvana 'In Utero' song by voting in the Readers Poll below.

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