It was July 25, 1983 when a young band from the Bay Area of California changed the face of metal as we knew it. The four-piece known as Metallica released their first official album, 'Kill 'Em All,' and while not many were aware of the band when the album arrived in stores, by the time they were finished supporting the effort Metallica was one of the most buzzed about bands in the genre. This Noisecreep Readers Poll asks you, the Metallica fans, to let us know which song off of 'Kill 'Em All' is your favorite.

The disc sold over three million copies and has been responsible for some of the biggest staples in the history of metal. The hard-hitting 'Whiplash' and 'Jump in the Fire' were released as singles, while songs like 'Seek & Destroy,' 'Hit the Lights' and 'The Four Horsemen' have become regular inclusions in the band's set lists. Add in tracks like 'Metal Militia,' 'Motorbreath,' 'Phantom Lord,' 'No Remorse,' and the instrumental '(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth,' and 'Kill 'Em All' is a bonafide classic.

We realize it's a tough decision as most true metal fans have listened to 'Kill 'Em All' over and over and over again. But the question remains, which song off of 'Kill 'Em All' is the overall fan favorite. Let us know by voting in the Readers Poll below:

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