Green Day have been keeping the punk spirit alive since first arriving on the scene back with 1990's '39/Smooth' album. Some twenty-odd years later the band is still going strong with an impressive list of albums released along the way. This Readers Poll asks you, the Green Day fans, to let us know your favorite Green Day album.

As previously mentioned, Green Day were just getting their footing in the early '90s. They issued the 1990 release '39/Smooth' and the 1992 effort, 'Kerplunk,' to a largely underground following, but in 1994 they finally earned their mainstream breakout with the 'Dookie' album. Looking to keep the momentum going, they quickly turned around such discs as 1995's 'Insomniac' and 1997's 'Nimrod,' stringing together hits like 'Longview,' 'Basket Case,' 'When I Come Around,' 'Geek Stink Breath,' 'Hitchin' a Ride' and 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' along the way.

The 2000s saw a little dip in popularity with 2000's 'Warning' album, but they rebounded in a major way with 2004's 'American Idiot.' After a massive support run, the band took a little time off before returning with 2009's '21st Century Breakdown.' And most recently the trio issues the album trilogy, 'Uno,' 'Dos' and 'Tre.'

That's a lot of great music released over the last two-plus decades. Now it's your turn to tell us which of these albums is your favorite. Vote in the Readers Poll below: