Creed have weathered some rough times, but have returned in recent years to reclaim their place in the rock world. The veteran outfit strung together a string of Top 10 hits in the late '90s and early 2000s before splitting, only to put past differences aside to record again with 2009's 'Full Circle' album. This Readers Poll looks at the band's past and more recent history and asks you to name your favorite Creed song.

The band broke on the scene in 1997, generating such standouts as 'My Own Prison,' 'Torn,' 'What's This Life For?' and 'One' off of their 'My Own Prison' album. They followed that with chart-topping follow-up album 'Human Clay.' The band's 1999 release generated the singles 'Higher,' 'What If,' 'Are You Ready' and 'With Arms Wide Open.'

As the 21st century began, the 2001 'Weathered' album continued the string with 'My Sacrifice,' 'Bullets,' 'One Last Breath' and the title track. However, tensions between Scott Stapp and the remainder of the band led to a split after the 'Weathered' support and it wasn't until 2009's 'Full Circle' that the full group was able to put aside past issues to record again. The most recent album was a nice rebound that generated the singles 'Overcome' and 'A Thousand Faces.'

So there you have it -- the hits of Creed. Take a look and choose your favorite Creed track by voting in the Readers Poll below.