It's been an eventful week for Slipknot, which wrapped up with a new EP centered around their The End, So Far song, "Adderall." The six-track set features multiple versions of The End, So Far opener, along with the newly released songs "Death March," "Red or Redder" and "Hard to Be Here." Coinciding with the release, there's also a new video titled "Memories (Adderall - Rough Demo)" that fans are taking in as well. But what do they make of this new EP, which came as a surprise release?

The reactions on Twitter have been quite mixed, from fans absolutely loving what they heard to those completely confused by what just arrived and others downright sharing their disappointment.

The song "Adderall" took many by surprise when it was issued ahead of the band's new album last fall. The opening song was far from the hard-hitting heaviness we'd come to expect from the group, but the fact that it was such a Radiohead-esque change of pace also made it one of the album's standout moments.

But as it's now providing the centerpiece of a new EP, complete with multiple song versions, what are the fans saying?

Well, there will also be the diehard fans expressing their love. One Twitter commenter noted, "With this voice, Corey Taylor can sing even the phone list." Another noted, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's a great song, it's extremely good! there are reminiscences of Bowie and Pink Floyd, it is a pleasure for the ear. I celebrate this great band like a sound tank that devastates the earth and the sky. I love this band. Thanks from my heart. #adderall"

One fan critiqued that it had "NIN wibes," while another noted that they were waiting for the screaming. Yet another called it "different."

Others chose humor when it came to addressing the latest Slipknot offering. "Someone tell slipknot that that is NOT what we meant when we said theres an 'adderall shortage,'" joked one fan, while another pondered what exactly they were getting from such a track. "I assume the new Slipknot single, "Adderall", is an insightful and poignant think-piece about the current drug shortage, and how the government is once again failing to act quickly enough to address a major issue. Or, it's about snorting legal crank and smashing the world," they tweeted.

Some fans were perplexed by the release, in particular why the EP was released at this time and that songs weren't saved for later.

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And there were those who just were not feeling what Slipknot was laying down. "wtf is this slipknot adderall ep shit whom asked for 5 versions of this song," asked one fan, while others wondered what the point was of the release.

You can judge for yourself, as Slipknot's Adderall EP is now streaming. Check it out in the Spotify player below and pick it up here. And be sure to catch the band out on tour. Get your tickets here.

Slipknot, Adderall EP

Slipknot, "Memories (Adderall - Rough Demo)"

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