Winding down a truly chaotic week, Slipknot have just surprise released the new six-track EP Adderall through Roadrunner Records and you can listen to it all right now.

As the band prepared to return to the stage at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria on June 7, kicking off a tour that runs through mid-July, fans first learned that percussionist Clown would be sitting out an undetermined amount of upcoming shows to tend to his wife whom he said is dealing with "some health issues."

Then, moments before the festival performance, Slipknot released a statement and informed fans that they had parted ways with longtime keyboardist Craig Jones. After that news began to spread, the group deleted the statement and, once their fest set concluded, they shared a creepy photo of a mystery member.

The following day (June 8), the 'Knot dropped an eerie music video for a brief, atmospheric instrumental track titled "Death March," accompanied by a music video where each band member was represented by a mannequin. Later in the video, each mannequin's head is blown off, which invited a lot of speculation about what this meant concerning the future of Slipknot.

Now, we've learned that "Death March" is the opening track on the Adderall EP, which features different versions of the opening song on last year's The End, So Far album.

Curiously, a music video titled "Memories (Adderall - Rough Demo)" has been shared on Slipknot's YouTube channel, but the "Memories" component of the title does not appear in track listings elsewhere.

"Deconstructing to continuously pave the way for evolution. At this point in the program nothing is safe," comments Clown in a description on the music video.

Slipknot, "Memories (Adderall - Rough Demo)" Music Video

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Perhaps most surprising of all is that the EP has been released through Roadrunner Records, Slipknot's longtime label home which they've expressed an eagerness to be rid of after issuing The End, So Far. It's worth noting that the new song "Bone Church," which was released earlier this year and is not part of the EP, also arrived via Roadrunner.

Listen to the entire Adderall EP further below and view the track listing and artwork as well.

Slipknot on Tour

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Slipknot, Adderall EP Artwork + Track Listing

Slipknot, 'Adderall' EP
Roadrunner Records

1. "Death March"
2. "Adderall" (No Intro)
3. "Adderall" (Rough Demo)
4. "Red or Redder"
5. "Adderall" (Instrumental)
6. "Hard to Be Here"

Slipknot, Adderall EP — Listen

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