Rising Florida metalcore outfit Fame on Fire just released the catchy, heavy and utterly defiant "Cut Throat," the latest single from Welcome to the Chaos, the band's upcoming second album. It was announced in tandem with the tune on Friday (May 20).

"Cut Throat" could undoubtedly ignite a mosh party, but its topic is no picnic. The song plumbs the depths of trauma, arriving at a cathartic ultimatum that delivers a psychic final blow against an abuser. One could also interpret the song's meaning in other ways.

No matter how you perceive it, see the lyrics to "Cut Throat" near the bottom of this post, followed by the music video. And the artwork and track listing for Welcome the Chaos, out on July 22.

In January, Fame on Fire released "Plastic Heart," another Welcome to the Choas cut. The imminent 13-track album features guest appearances from Ice Nine Kills singer Spencer Charnas and rapper Kody Lavigne. Last year, Fame on Fire vocalist Bryan Kuznitz joined fellow Florida act We're Wolves on a cover version of Avenged Sevenfold's "Unholy Confessions."

This month, Fame on Fire tour the U.S. with Starset.

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Fame on Fire, "Cut Throat" Lyrics

Fuck you
You took advantage of me
Put the gun up to my head
Pull the trigger, I'll be dead
But you opened up my eyes
To my paranoid mind
I'm scared that I might die

It makes me sick
To think of what you did
I was a kid
You killed my innocence
You are no god
You prayed upon the weak
'Cause you are the deceased, so

Fuck you
And everything that you put me through
You know I can't let go
Still battling all of my demons
All because of you

Staying up all night
Dreading what tomorrow brings
Will it be my last day?
I'm so scared, I'm terrified
I'm losing my fucking mind
Don't take my life

What I hear is that you're nothing now
Crying out loud, pray that you get out
Convicted for fifteen counts
You got nothing to say
I'm gonna watch you drown

Wait till your fast asleep
I'm gonna watch you bleed
I won't stop till your dead
This is the fucking end

Fame on Fire, "Cut Throat" Music Video

Welcome to the Chaos Art + Track List

Fame on Fire's 'Welcome to the Chaos' (2022) album artwork

1. "Intro"
2. "Welcome to the Chaos" (feat. Spencer Charnas)
3. "Ketamine"
4. "Cut Throat"
5. "Emo Shit" (feat. Kody Lavigne)
6. "Lost in Doubt"
7. "Robbery"
8. "Signs"
9. "Plastic Heart"
10. "Rotting Away"
11. "Back Then"
12. "Jaded"
13. "Dead or Alive"

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