Artist: Fake Figures

Hail From: Orange County, Calif.

Song: 'Caustic'

EP: 'Hail the Sycophants'

Sounds Like: Avenged Sevenfold, Every Time I Die, Deftones

In Their Words: "I remember hearing what would be 'Caustic' for the first couple of times as a demo. It didn't have any bass, the drums were quickly programmed and didn't have any life, and the structure of the transitions kind of felt a little forced. But the song had all the right ingredients and the riffs made such an impact when I began to write the words for it without fail. So once we brought the tune to the rehearsal stage we threw all those ingredients into a bowl and made a pretty cake." – Rus Martin (vocals)

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Featuring Martin (Hotwire), guitarists Travis Miguel (Atreyu) and Heather Baker (The Iron Maidens), drummer J Po (Nightfall) and bassist Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow), Fake Figures will be releasing their debut EP, 'Hail the Sycophants,' on Dec. 6.

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