Fake Figures recently released a kickass EP called Hail the Sycophants. The Orange County, Calif. band dish out the kind of expansive post-hardcore that fans of Deftones and Far will definitely want to sink their teeth into.

Featuring guitarists Travis Miguel (Atreyu) and Heather Baker (The Iron Maidens), vocalist Rus Martin (Hotwire), drummer J Po (Nightfall) and bassist Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow), the quintet are poised for big things.

Today, Noisecreep has the premiere of "Something Deadly," a new video from Fake Figures. The creepy clip was directed by DJay Brawner (Foo Fighters, Stick to Your Guns) of Anthem Films and you can check it below!

Watch Fake Figures' "Something Deadly" Video

Fake Figures vocalist Rus Martin gives Noisecreep some background on "Something Deadly":

"The origin of the song's lyrics came from unfortunate events that occur like Colombine, the Arizona shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the shooting at Fort Hood, and the Virginia Tech Massacre. 'Something Deadly' describes how someone can go from the last step of sanity into the first of insanity, causing a tremendous amount of pain to innocent people. Where the video comes into play with this is, and this is my personal interpretation, the description of one who lives in a self-absorbed world that contains elements he can manipulate to his liking to please his deranged ambitions without any real repercussions, yet maybe he's plotting an eventual attack with this strange trial run? Hence the use of mannequins acting as placement holders for the real thing."

Fake Figures' Hail the Sycophants is available now at the link below!

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