Extreme were always one of those bands that went their own way. Inaccurately lumped into the hair metal scene by time proximity, a lot of people missed the band's great groove-based rock anthems.

A reunion led to 'Saudades de Rock' in 2008 and then a tour. Today, Noisecreep premieres the video for 'Run,' a track co-written by singer Gary Cherone and guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. The video was actually created for the special CD/DVD package 'Take Us Alive,' which was released earlier this year. The members of Extreme used a professional film crew to capture their August 2009 show at Boston's House of Blues and captured all the fun for 'Take Us Alive.' The DVD's four 'bonus tracks' are actually music videos written and directed by Bettencourt.


The clip for 'Run' was shot on location in Tokyo. The video shows the interesting dynamic between the members of Extreme and their fans. The video also gives props to the Extreme crew. Perhaps most poignant is the last couple of seconds of the clip, when Cherone and Bettencourt share a special moment on stage.

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