Todd, who is now a member of Flux Fortuna, posted a statement on the project's Facebook page, attempting to explain what he was doing with this auction. The musician, who was sentenced to a year of home confinement and three years probation from the theft incident, admitted that he acted out of desperation, having his funds depleted by a cancer battle and trying to get back on his feet.

Below is his posting:

"Okay, it's Michael. It's apparent that this has gotten way out of hand. This has taken this long to come out because I have been incommunicado for a number of reasons out here, until when yesterday at work the threads were brought to my attention. Here's my statement: I overextended myself, I made plans with people about obtaining items and made deals on items that I didn't possess yet. I didn't do this out of malice, but in a desperation brought on by my present situation. When things started to fall through one after the other I couldn't keep up. And I am very sorry."

Todd says that some of the items promised have been shipped and more will follow shortly, but the bottom line is that he won't have all of the items initially offered. He adds that he intends to make full financial amends over the next couple of months and would do so sooner if he didn't have to earn the money first. The bassist says he just returned to working a full time job and will use that money to offset costs. He went on to add that many other people associated with him were completely unaware of the situation until now and that is why they have been unable to answer for him.

The bassist says, "I promise that the money that you may have contributed to the Kickstarter has been set aside and will only be used to fulfill incentives and the creation of the EP. However, since I will be working extra hours to make all this up to you, I may have to push the recording of the EP, originally scheduled for end of June back by some time. But I repeat, the Kickstarter money will not be tapped for these repayments. I admit, at first I thought about it, to just clean everything up quick, but that would be immensely unfair and more dishonesty on my part. So, all I can do at this point is come forward publicly and admit I screwed up. I own this, I'm here, and I will be hereafter available to answer you individually."

Todd says he intends to address every email individually to let those who bid on items know whether they will be shipped or whether he will be re-compensating them. He adds that he will start addressing the emails by date of inquiry. The bassist concludes, "I'm sorry again. I appreciate an opportunity to make good."

Earlier this year, it was reported that Todd had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. It was documented here.

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