Cynic's Paul Masvidal has penned a moving tribute to his late bandmates Sean Reinert and Sean Malone, both of whom passed away in 2020.

Sean Reinert, the drummer of bands Cynic and Death, passed away at the age of 48 in January of 2020 from heart failure. Bandmate Sean Malone posted a tribute at the time stating how Reinert "offered his trust during every rehearsal, every recording, and every performance we ever did, and it's likely that I'll never have that experience these same again. The truth is we're all lucky - lucky to have been alive while Sean Reinert was making music."

Sadly, Malone would pass away later that year, in December of 2020 at the age of 50 years old. He was Cynic's bassist since 2012 and according to band leader Masvidal, Sean was "one of the greatest musicians I've ever encountered," stated Masvidal. Malone was struck by grief, due to his mother and bandmate's passing, and was found dead by suicide where his mother lived.

Now with a year passing, Masvidal has posted a new tribute on his Instagram to Reinert and Malone, while telling them about Cynic's new album:

Dear Sean and Sean,

A year ago today, you left this realm, Malone. I am thinking of your friendship and immeasurable commitment to music. Only months before, you swiftly exited, Reinert. I am thinking of how rare our connection was and the legacy you've left behind for generations of musicians to come.

While I celebrate the birth of 'Ascension Codes' with both of you in my heart, I also mourn your untimely deaths.

Even though your physical bodies have changed form, your energetic bodies have given us transcendent music that will traverse the cosmos for eternity. And for this I am forever grateful; to have shared a passage of life with creative beings like you, who in the face of your own suffering, gave so much.

You can see the tribute on Masvidal's Instagram and the series of pictures he posted along with it below.

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