cto their native Buffalo, N.Y. The band has been releasing a series of webisodes, which are fun, silly and show the band being themselves -- even when they act like idiots.

"We wanted to put out 'S--- Happens: The Series,' but the industry is in the toilet, so why pay for the packaging when we can release free installments leading up to a sequential release in October," vocalist Keith Buckley told Noisecreep about the webisodes. The band released a hilarious DVD, 'S--- Happens,' a few years back, and this is the sequel. Sort of. Buckley continued, "In October, we will put everything you can get for free for now, plus a s--- load more, in a DVD. We hope these webisodes are enough to entice people. It's not just like here is the release date, go spend money on something you are not sure you are going to like!" So the webisodes serve as trailers for the DVD.

The webisodes are being filmed by a friend who "is like the sixth member of the band," Buckley said. "It just so happens that he videotapes us. So when we can have him out, we do."

The band is planning to do another headline run through November, playing small clubs. They also promise that the ticket prices will be cheap. "We will bring it down to affordable shows, and we don't have a huge overhead, so it's totally more punk rock. We will be out all of November."

Buckley doesn't mind being on the road through football season, as he is an admitted fairweather Buffalo Bills fan. And with their recent history, who could blame him? "I like watching Bills games, because it is an excuse to get drunk with my friends," the singer joked. "But we watched them lose four Super Bowls in a row. They are a miserable team. They will always be the losers. I feel bad for them so that's why I like them. It's pity."

After the November run, the band will start to suss out the producer process, since they have an airtight schedule. They will tour in November, come home in December, spend the bitter, stuff-of-legends Buffalo winter writing, and then release a new album. It's like having a menstrual period: the cycle repeats.

"With the Buffalo winters, there are no distractions," Buckley said. "It's not like, 'I could sit in and try to write lyrics or go to the beach.' That's not happening. It's like I can sit and write lyrics or I can try to open my door, which is blocked by feet of snow!"

The recently-married Buckley is admittedly more chill than he was in his younger, hellion ETID days. But it's not so much marriage as it is getting older that hastened his more mellow behavior. "It's like I am realizing how much older I am now," Buckley, who is in his early 30s, said. "These dudes are like 24-25 years old in bands on Warped Tour, and I don't feel the need to be the guy that parties anymore ... it makes me feel creepy. I wanted to hang out and party all the time, and now it's like I am that old dude dating a high schooler and going to her prom with her! I am not into hosting a party for 23-year-old guys having their first beers."