When I sat down with Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams on a chilly November afternoon in the beginning of the band's fall tour, the news just broke that linebacker Shawne Merriman had been claimed off waivers by the Buffalo Bills -- who had yet to notch a win in the 2010 season at that point, but eventually beat the Detroit Lions.

The news was promising for Williams, who told Noisecreep, "Dude, if they win a game, I'd love it for them to not be the worst team in history! Last year, [Terrell Owens] did nothing, so they called and asked me to play. But I said no, since I had to tour!"

Of course Williams was being facetious with his last comment. And that's to be expected, since the Buffalo, N.Y. metalcorists are known for having a good time onstage and off. Williams laments the Bills' rumored move to Toronto, saying, "This is a lost season, if you were the GM -- and this is going to sound horrible -- if they kept it in the US, I would be stoked. I know it sounds bad, but don't take the NFL to Canada. That is why they have [the Canadian Football League]."

He likened the possible Bills move to Canada to when the Browns left Cleveland and became the Baltimore Ravens, which any sports fans old enough to remember knows caused a huge uproar in Ohio. "If they do go, they need to go out on a good note," Williams said. "It's a great organization. You don't want to be remembered as the worst team in history of the NFL. That'd suck."

Every Time I Die are currently on tour through December.