After a much-written about hiatus, Evanescence is finally back with its third studio album, 'Evanescence,' and a brand new tour, their first since 2007.

Led by founder and vocalist-pianist Amy Lee, the Grammy-winning band, which was formed in Arkansas back in 1995, has had several lineup changes over the years. But, as Lee told Noisecreep just hours before the first show of the 2011 tour, for her the current lineup - and the new album - are everything she's been waiting for.

As an artist, what sort of pressure is there in having so much attention paid to a new release?

Lots! I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel it personally feel lots of pressure. But that's okay. Right now I feel very confident in the music we made for this album, especially because it was so much more of a group effort than before. As a band, and I've been there since the start, I can honestly say this is as strong a unit as we have been and as we have sounded. Everything is very good right now and so even with all the attention, I'm having lots of fun talking about everything. Things are good.

In the time you've taken off from the band, was this always part of the plan - to come back strong?

No. I actually didn't have a plan. My thinking was to wait until the right ideas hit, if they hit me, and they finally did. I obsess over everything, too, which results in lots of time going by. I can't just write a song, I will obsess over and and over about it, what it sounds, what it means - and so when all that started happening again, all the inspiration, then I knew it was time for us to get back. As an artist I was more interested in waiting for the muse to hit rather than feel like we just had to do another album.

You said when announcing the hiatus that you wanted time to be home and be a wife.

Right. In the world I'm in it's so hard to have a normal relationship at home and I needed to do that. I'm so glad I did, too. It's always going to be hard on a relationship, being in a band, but my husband and I have really had a chance to build our life together and so now we're ready for everything that happens when I'm on the road. We live in New York and this album was done down in Nashville, but his schedule is flexible enough so that he could visit a lot. And now we'll just deal as a couple with this next chapter. He's amazing, though.

So many fans have waited for this return. When you were younger, what artist would you have been most excited about performing again?

I'd say Bjork. She was my idol growing up and I still love her. A close second would be Michael Jackson. We had so much great music back in the 1990s.

Chapman Baehler
Chapman Baehler

Have you been following the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor?

I haven't, no. I've been busy, and I hate all the media stuff that goes on around all of that. I'd rather remember the music and what a great performer he was.

Are you anxious to get back on stage?

I am but I get a little nervous. I wonder, will I still be able to get into the zone? Will I still be able to hit everything? But I can tell you that through rehearsals I am feeling very good about my voice.

Will you be playing a lot of material of the new album on this tour?

Lots. A heavy dose of the new album. But of course, there are songs your fans come to hear and not to worry, we're playing those, too. I think everyone will like this show. I hope so, anyway. I hear from so many fans all over the world and that's a big part of what pushes me and the band, too - this love we feel from fans.

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Last year there were public comments from former band member Ben Moody about his feelings on Evanescence.

That had nothing to do with me. I'm exactly where I want to be right now with this band and this album. We're really proud of it and excited for its release and to be able to go out and play a bunch of the songs, too.

Evanescence US tour dates:

Oct. 11 - Los Angeles, CA - Palladium

Oct. 14 - Phoenix, AZ - Comerica Theater

Oct. 18 - San Antonio, TX - Sunken Gardens

Oct. 19 - Dallas, TX - Palladium

Oct. 21 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom

Oct. 22 - Chicago, IL - Congress Theater

Oct. 24 - Detroit, MI - Royal Oak Music Theater

Oct. 25 - Toronto, ON - The Sound Academy

Oct. 27 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis

Oct. 28 - Worcester, MA - Palladium

Oct. 30 - Atlantic City, NJ - Showboat, House of Blues

Nov. 01 - New York, NY - Terminal 5

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