Ethan Hawke got excited about Lamb of God's artwork for Omens — the metal band's ninth studio album out this fall — when he appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday (July 27).

The actor said it reminded him of Moon Knight, the Marvel miniseries in which he co-starred. The series was led by Oscar Isaac as the titular hero when it aired earlier this year.

On Wednesday's Late Night, Hawke also gave a nod to Art Cruz, Lamb of God's drummer. Cruz happened to be sitting in this week (July 25–28) as a guest drummer with the NBC talk show's house band, The 8G Band.

Subsequently, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton shared Hawke's Late Night clip online. In it, the actor suggests Lamb of God's skeleton eagle mascot on Omens' front cover reminds him of Marvel's Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god from Moon Knight.

"By the way, that album cover looks insanely cool — Lamb of God," Hawke says. "Does it not remind you a little bit of Khonshu from Moon Knight? I don't know if you saw Moon Knight. But it's gotta little Khonshu vibe."

Meyers responds with a smile, "We tried very hard, we always want to also promote your work when we promote the guest drummer."

Swapping friendly gestures with Cruz, Hawke adds, "I appreciate that. I appreciate you thinking about me, and I'm thinking about you."

Omens arrives Oct. 7. The singles "Nevermore" and the title track are available now. Lamb of God hit the road with Killswitch Engage this fall. See the dates under the video.

Hawke was on Late Night to promote his docuseries The Last Movie Stars about late actor Paul Newman and his second wife, actress Joanne Woodward. See the clip below.

Ethan Hawk Shouts Out Lamb of God Art, Nods to Art Cruz on Late Night - July 27, 2022

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