Escape the Fate are normally known for hardcore songs with thoughtful and insightful lyrics. 'One for the Money,' though, is a fist-pumping anthem about having a good time.

The new video for the song features live footage of the band playing in front of huge crowds of screaming fans. Band members Monte Money and Robert Ortiz shared their thoughts with Revolver about the song and the clip.

'One for the Money' is the second single to come off of 'Ungrateful,' the band's most recent album. The video is made up of footage from different shows, including Dirt Fest in Michigan and the Download Festival in England. Drummer Robert Ortiz says, “We had so many different ideas for the video, but what it comes down to is that this song is really just a pump-up song. That’s what we wanted–something that just gets people going and stoked, so what better than our show? Because that’s where we thrive.”

Not all of the band members were sure they liked the song right off the bat. Ortiz admitted that he hated it when they started tracking it, calling it “cheesy,” but it eventually won him over. “It was clear that no matter what, it was really catchy. It bumps. When it would come through the speakers, this song was blowing all the other ones away, so it’s like, 'Damn it!' But at the end of the day, we were really excited about it,” said Ortiz.

Lead guitarist Monte Money had a bit different take, sharing his immediate approval of the track. He interprets it as being about not worrying about anything except rock and roll. “Forget everything. Let’s go out there and rock out. Get pumped up. Get crazy," stated Money. "I’m excited we’re releasing 'One for the Money' because it’s money and we’re from Las Vegas so you know that makes sense."

Escape the Fate head out on a U.S. tour with Five Finger Death Punch later this month, followed by dates in Europe in November.