Escape the Fate have teamed up with director Robby Starbuck (Chiodos, Asking Alexandria) on the video for 'Gorgeous Nightmare,' a scorcher of a track from their 2010 self-titled album. But instead of just rolling out the clip like every other band does, Escape the Fate decided to make thing a bit more interesting.

Since the band has such a huge family of fans, Escape the Fate wanted to have them help unlock the 'Gorgeous Nightmare' music video. They've taken pictures of the Seven Deadly Sins featured in the video and hid them across a few selected sites for you to find. If you follow their instructions, the group will release each Deadly Sin from the video at the end of every day.

Once all Seven Deadly Sins are discovered, the full version of the video will be premiered, but make sure you follow Escape the Fate's clues and instructions exactly as they're written on Noisecreep is one of the selected sites that the band chose to unveil one of the Seven Deadly Sins pictures. So look hard and you might be able to be one of the first people to help solve the mystery, that's if you aren't too greedy.

Watch the video teaser for 'Gorgeous Nightmare'

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