Now I was feeling like a total giant! / But now it feels like Silvius Brabo has sliced my hand off / And thrown it in the river!

For those Noisecreep readers not historically inclined, Silvius Brabo was a mythical soldier from Rome that killed a giant named Druon Antigoon. Druon cut off the hands of people who wouldn't pay him in order to cross a river. Brabo killed Druon, cut off his hand and cast it into the river.

Without any of this historical information, this excerpt would seem like gibberish, but Enter Shikari's 'Common Dread' from the new 'Antwerp' album puts in into context. The word 'antwerp' literally means 'hand throw'. Interestingly, later in the song vocalist Rou Reynolds decalres that he's "not making sense," then he clears himself by putting a general political spin using the Brabo legend as an apt metaphor.

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