It takes a certain sort of man to put on a dress and tell jokes. It takes another type to sing Drowning Pool's "Bodies" with the requisite razor-throated rage.

Jeffrey "Osang" Soliven is both types, and appearing on "The X Factor Philippines," the cross-dressing standup comedian wowed the judges with his masculine-sounding, feminine-looking rendition of the early-'00s metal anthem.

"This is the strangest thing I'm going to say," said judge Martin Nievera, reports. "You come out here and you talked and act like any other gay person would, but when you perform you are 100% man."

"You are not just a standup comedian," he added. "You have some serious talent."

Soliven didn't stop at Drowning Pool. For good measure, he showed his range with a rendition of Shaggy's 1995 dancehall hit "Boombastic," which he sang in a deep Caribbean lover-man style.

And to think, all America's "X Factor" has is Britney Spears.

Watch Jeffrey "Osang" Soliver Cover Drowning Man on "X Factor Philippines"