A chipmunk narrowly escaped certain death on Wednesday (June 16) when Andy Williams, the rhythm guitarist for metalcore mainstays Every Time I Die who moonlights as the AEW wrestler "The Butcher," saved the animal from drowning.

The rocker, who posts under the Twitter handle @andycomplains and currently has his profile name set to "Bunkhouse Butch," summarized the ordeal on social media and shared a picture of the chipmunk in recovery.

Still, it's unclear precisely how Williams prevented the drowning or whether the musician was at home or elsewhere when he sprung into action. Following the rodent rescue, he gave the animal the name Rudy.

The Every Time I Die member shared the story in a few short sentences.

"I saved a drowning chipmunk this morning," he matter-of-factly revealed.

Williams chalked it up to "good universe vibes," adding that the "lil buddy just needed a nice blanket and a walnut."

The photo the guitarist posted only hours later shows he did indeed provide the critter a blanket and some nuts, something for which the woodland creature would've undoubtedly expressed its gratitude if it could communicate in such a way. Regardless, the chipmunk's peaceful demeanor as it convalesced in style in bright purple terrycloth clearly shows an understandably relieved, if slightly spooked, animal.

Every Time I Die fans are currently awaiting the band's follow-up to their 2016 album, Low Teens. Over the last six months, the group has debuted three new songs for the eventual effort that so far has no title or release date. The most recent of those tunes, "AWOL," was included in Loudwire's February roundup of the best new rock and metal songs.


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