Jordan Rudess, keyboardist for Dream Theater, announced some important updates for his music apps, Samplewiz, Morphwiz and Geo Synthesizer. All three apps are now compatible with AudioBus and work on the iPhone 5. The AudioBus update is especially significant because it allows users to stream live audio between apps so multiple apps can be in use at once.

Samplewiz is a sampling synthesizer app. It lets users create and play their own samples. It also comes loaded with a library of Rudess’ own sounds. Morphwiz is a unique instrument app with a unique visual control interface. And the Geo Synthesizer is Rudess' synthesizer app that also serves as a midi controller.

In an interview with CNet, Rudess talked about his experience in working with his company Wizdom Music developing music apps and why he decided to start creating them. “I knew the first time I touched an iPhone touch surface that there were so many possibilities for music-making,” said Rudess. “The multitouch of something like an iPad or iPhone opens up so many creative possibilities for music-making and control!”

Rudess also announced that Wizdom app Earwizard will be available for the iPad and iPhone, and is now available in Japanese, making it available in nine languages. Earwizard is a musical training app. Users listen to and then repeat strings of chords. The strings get longer as the user progresses. Wizdom Music said the app helps train users’ ears while strengthening memory.

In the CNet interview, Rudess also mentioned that he’s working on a solo album. Dream Theater begins their world tour in January 2014.