Dream Theater keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Jordan Rudess has released a brand-new iOS ear training app entitled, 'EarWizard'. Rudess teamed up with developer Felipe Peña to create an app that trains and improves memory through musical sequences, which results in a stronger ability to instantly recognize chords and notes.

Rudess firmly believes in the value of ear-training, stating, "Ear training is the single most important thing that musicians of any level can do." He also believes that lack of ear training causes a lot of writing roadblocks for many musicians, and that 'EarWizard' is his attempt at helping those who would like to overcome those creative obstacles. Rudess says, "EarWizard is a result of my desire to offer a really fun and engaging experience that will challenge and entertain musicians and non musicians alike!"

The way that the app works is quite simple. The player is given a sequence of chords, and asked to repeat them back. The sequence grows longer with each turn, and eventually the app's visual aids are disabled, forcing you to rely on your ears to determine what chords are being used in each sequence. The player has the option of watching a set of videos with Rudess playing each chord, along with three different difficulty settings, speed control and five different diatonic modes in three different keys.

Above all else, Rudess wanted the app to be a fun experience for both beginners and experienced players. Be sure to check out the app on Apple's App Store, along with a myriad of other musical apps that Rudess has developed within his Wizdom Music company.