Drummer Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater a few years ago, but in a recent interview said he'd be open to rejoining the band. Now, in an interview with Chile's Radio Futura, the same outlet that Portnoy gave his comments to, DT singer James LaBrie seemed to shut the door on a reunion (quotes via Blabbermouth).

"That possibility, I don't see it ever happening; it's not gonna happen," LaBrie said. "Because, first and foremost, Mike Mangini is a full-fledged member of the band now, he's a phenomenal drummer and he's doing everything that we could possibly want as a drummer in a band. He's helping us realize exactly what we wanna do right now musically. And he will be our drummer until the day that we finish doing this, when we conclude."

"Mike Portnoy was a big part of our past, but I think that's where it's going to remain," LaBrie continued. "He was a drummer from the past. And as far as presently and into the future, it will be Mike Mangini, and we all feel very strongly about that. He's an incredible drummer, he's an incredible asset to the band, and he is fulfilling out wildest dreams as far as what we're doing musically and what we're doing with each album. So that's the way it stands."

It's not surprising that LaBrie supports his current bandmate, but in the music business anything can happen. Portnoy's return to Dream Theater certainly isn't imminent, but down the road, who knows? As artists like David Lee Roth and Brian 'Head' Welch have shown with returns to their former bands, circumstances and minds change.

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