Henrik Ostergaard, the lead singer of '80s metal act Dirty Looks, passed away yesterday while under hospice care in Erie, Pa. Ostergaard, who was of Danish descent, died at the age of 47. Exact causes of his untimely passing are still unknown, and results of the autopsy are still pending.

Very much the classic '80s rock star story, Dirty Looks formed after the disbanding of a local Pennsylvania cover band in 1984, when Ostergaard and bassist Jimmy Chartley relocated to San Francisco to follow their hard rock dreams.

Watch Dirty Looks' 'Nobody Rides for Free' Video

The band's heavy, high-pitched anthems like 'Oh, Ruby' became radio hits, spurring the band to sign with Atlantic Records. From there, videos for songs like 'Nobody Rides for Free' became regular plays on MTV, giving Dirty Looks their place on the Billboard charts.

After 11 albums, Ostergaard took a break from music to end up running his own moving business, Two Guys & a Truck back, in Pennsylvania. After nearly dying from alcohol poisoning in 2007, he reformed Dirty Looks.

The band's last album, 'I.C.U.,' came out on FNA Records last year, not too long after then-current bassist Greg Pianka had been stabbed to death in a bar brawl.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ostergaard, who is survived by his two children, Henrik Jr. and Elliot.

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