Later this month, Metal Hammer will be releasing a very special compilation that pays homage to the late and legendary Dimebag Darrell. One of the founding members of Pantera, his death in 2004 is considered a major tragedy in the metal world, much like his life's work is a major influence on metal's evolution over the last 20 years.

Machine Head were torn on which song they wanted to cover, and went with 'F---ing Hostile.' Frontman Robb Flynn told Metal Hammer it was chosen because "it's two and a half minutes of pure, raging metal. It's short, fast and brutal." Reign In Blonde contributor Julia is not the biggest fan of Avenged Sevenfold's offering, saying their cover of 'Walk' is "Pantera if Pantera was lame." Ouch. She is looking forward to Evile's version of 'Cemetery Gates,' which has a particularly personal and touching anecdote.

Evile's lead guitarist Ol Drake discussed their two-fold tribute in a recent press release. Their recently deceased bassist, Mike Alexander, was a huge Pantera fan, and Drake says that "after Dime got killed, Mike couldn't listen to 'Cemetery Gates.'" They'd actually finished this track shortly before his tragic death in early October, so it turns out that this was the last song Alexander ever recorded with Evile. "I remember him nearing the verge of tears whilst I was doing the tremolo bends at the end of the track," adds Drake.

The tribute album also features Pantera tracks covered by Five Finger Death Punch, Unearth and This Is Hell, and it will be available on Dec. 16.