Dillinger Escape Plan

March 23 is going to be an awesome day. That's the day the Dillinger Escape Plan will release their fourth album, 'Option Paralysis.' The disc will be issued through the band's new Season of Mist imprint, Party Smasher Inc. The album was recorded in California with producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Glassjaw), and will be, perhaps, one of the most talked about releases of 2010.

The band's started a teaser site for the album, which features footage from the studio seasons for 'Option Paralysis.'

Guitarist Ben Weinman told Noisecreep back in July that "it's a changing time in the music business. Every day is different. The industry changes in some new innovative way to monetize music. The consensus for smartly successful bands is to build upon the core fan base when you're not a brand new band. We wanted to have more control and more artistic and business freedoms that exist in that scenario."

Dillinger doesn't plan to use its imprint to develop new artists, but solely as a platform for future Dillinger releases.

In a recent interview, frontman Greg Puciato says the "vibe when we recorded 'Ire Works' was defined by a feeling of struggle and hope and just staying alive in the face of almost falling apart, feeling triumphant in making it through the previous couple of years, and now the vibe is, 'OK, now we're just gonna f--- everyone up.'" The lyrical direction of the disc was inspired by the world around Puciato.

"The music we are writing is influenced by the feelings I get when I hear and see the real evils of this world," he says. "Horrible things that make me really question if there is a God or not. This s--t is not comfortable, the world is not comfortable, babies are getting raped in your town for God's sake. Young girls are being sold as sex slaves, but most people sitting at their computers downloading music don't want to know. They want to sit on a message board or play fantasy football while their mommy makes them a sandwich."

The band will be touring next month with Thursday and Fake Problems.