Things get creepy and more than a little bloody in Dillinger Escape Plan's video for the title track to their new album 'One of Us Is the Killer.' The sanguine clip is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, but the blood-soaked clip is not just comprised of gratuitous use of platelets. There's an artsy feel to the imagery, even if it is somewhat disturbing. But like any good piece of art, you'll be thinking about what's going on from start to finish.

There are body parts, skin, hooks and footage of the band performing separately. It's part horror film, part art project, part visual experiment. Some of the people in the video look like surgery patients who survived something they shouldn't have.

The video also adopts an Instagram sheen -- that is, the colors are bright but swathed in effects, obscuring some parts and highlighting others. So it's best if you watch this clip multiple times, since you're bound to see things the second or third time around, after missing them the first.

While the song is one of the New Jersey band's most accessible tracks, the video retains the signature element that defines the band and that's uniqueness. The boys in DEP don't write their own rule book. They don't need to bother, since they follow no rule book at all.

Watch the Dillinger Escape Plan's 'One of Us Is the Killer' Video

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