Want to know what the impact of an atom bomb feels like? Watch Dillinger Escape Plan's live preview video of the 'One of Us Is the Killer' track 'Hero of the Soviet Union' and you'll get a good idea. It should come with a surgeon general's warning. Watching this video could send you into convulsions, since there are spastic flashes of light while the New Jersey band goes nuts on stage, in the crowd, with their instruments and more.

As we celebrate guitarist Ben Weinman's healed hand and ability to resume playing guitar on tour, we are left to wonder exactly how the members of Dillinger function and how the entire band isn't riddled with broken bones on a near-constant basis.

The spastic, frenetic clip might give you a headache, but it certainly captures the audio violence and the ferocity and velocity of a DEP show. It's downright maniacal, and you're left to wonder when the fond-of-crowd-walking Weinman will step on the heads of fans; when vocalist Greg Puciato will leap from a stack of amps; or when Liam Wilson will get his beard caught in the knobs of the headstock of his bass.

The clip is nearly three minutes long, so it's way more than a preview. We're not '43% Burnt' after watching this. We're 100% burnt, which is the sign of quality metal show. The footage was shot during the band's recent tour with The Faceless and Royal Thunder.

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