Dillinger Escape Plan fans need to send up a prayer of thanks regarding the miracle of both surgery and physical therapy because that's why guitarist Ben Weinman has been cleared to play guitar again after breaking his hand in a precarious place.

Weinman has confirmed that he will be allowed to pick up his axe and perform on the Summer Slaughter Tour, which begins next week. Amen!

The band shared a dark, unclear but effective photo of Weinman with his beloved instrument in hand and the following caption:

THIS dark photo captures something we've longed to see. Ladies and germs, THIS is a photo of BEN WEINMAN playing guitar! Thank you surgery! Thank you physical therapy! WE'LL SEE YOU ALL ON The Summer Slaughter Tour!

Weinman broke his hand in June and was forced to sit on the sidelines -- literally -- while his band performed at Metallica's Orion Music + More Festival in Detroit. A humorous photo of Weinman watching his band from the side of the stage in a beach chair while being tended to by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo circulated during the Orion weekend. Things were hairy for a sec, since Weinman was told by medical staff that the bone that he broke wasn't one that heals.

According to the Gauntlet, Weiman stated, "When the doctor told me I broke my wrist and that this particular bone doesn’t typically heal my heart sunk. Our record had just come out and we were just getting started with its promotional cycle. I would not let this stop me. I immediately set up an appointment with the best hand surgeon in N.Y."

Weinman continued, "I told him I had to play guitar again in a month. He said, 'Ok, I'll put a screw in your wrist.' Two weeks after surgery, they took my stitches and cast off and I started playing guitar again. Definitely not the most pleasant experience, but now I almost feel back to myself."

This situation has given Weinman a new perspective about his job and his art. "I have to say that I have a new found appreciation for playing and I can't wait to see you all this summer. Now, back to my rehab," he said.

We're glad he's better and look forward to Weinman's slaying on the upcoming Summer Slaughter tour.



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