Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman allowed a little insight into the band's unorthodox existence and he wasn't only speaking about the recording process, revealing that vocalist Greg Puciato "lives in his car. He would drive to California, stay there for a few months, keeping everything in his trunk. He lives out there for now."

Not only is Puciato's habitat a bit out of the ordinary, but the manner in which his band records their much-worshiped music is an even bigger anomaly. But hey, who are we to judge? Whatever works, right?

Weinman explained that Puciato puts his vocals to songs after they are written. "He doesn't have any idea what it'll sound like until he gets record-quality demos," Weinman reveals. "I'm the only original member and I act as 'Dillinger quality control.' I make sure the songs maintain the vision that I have, and the other guys can contribute what they do. They've played with me long enough, or have been a fan before they were in the band, so it makes for an interesting scenario, as it has the consistency that I want, and they add things I never thought of adding. So it works."

Dillinger's next album, 'Option Paralysis,' is due out via Season of Mist shortly, via a new and, of course, off-the-beaten-path, one-album deal.