Dillinger Escape Plan

Having just returned from Europe -- where the band has been playing harrowing new songs like 'Chinese Whispers' and 'Good Neighbor' from their upcoming album -- videos of these sets have just now made their way onto the Internet. One such video is of Dillinger Escape Plan covering the Tears for Fears classic 'Head Over Heels' in Paris.

Dillinger have always been known to pay homage to a band rather than just make a song their own by shoving odd timing and speed deep into its soul. Case in point is the band's 'Plagiarism' EP, where Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails got faithful renditions of their songs. So this cover of the '80s duo song made modern famous in the film 'Donnie Darko' shows once again there is not much the Plan won't try.

March 23 sees the release of 'Option Paralysis' through Party Smasher Inc./Season of Mist. Limited-edition packaging can already be ordered, including one with a remote that can turn off any TV near you.

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