Dillinger Escape Plan are not only in the studio, but they have good news to share. The band's Party Smasher label has partnered with scene stronghold label Sumerian Records to release its next album. So it's DEP's own label releasing the album in conjuction with Sumerian.

Check out the teaser video below! It'll remind you of every single time you've had your ass handed to you (or were singed by frontman Greg Puciato breathing fire) at a Dillinger show.

Watch Dillinger Escape Plan Announcement Video

Metallica understand that not all of their fans can rock t-shirts and tattoos all of the time. In honor of the corporate toilers or even the non-casual dressers that they count as fans, the band has created neckties...with an edge. One has a ninja star. The other is decorated with snakes. They'll set you back about $53, but they'll also ensure you are the coolest and niftiest dresser in your row of cubicles.

Heaven's Basement have shared the track listing, and cover art, for their debut Filthy Empire, due out on Feb. 5. The English band has toured with the likes of Buckcherry and Papa Roach and self-released a previous effort. Now they have linked up with Red Bull Records for Filthy Empire, and are ready for a takeover.

Track Listing:

"Welcome Home"

"Fire, Fire"

"Nothing Left to Lose"

"When the Lights Go Out in London"

"I Am Electric"

"The Long Goodbye"

"Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch"

"Be Somebody"

"Can't Let Go"

"The Price We Pay"

"Jump Back"

"Executioner's Day" [Via Press Release]

Post-hardcore scream band A Faylene Sky has shared the lyric video for their song "To Raise the Nation." It's a nice taste of what to expect on their upcoming Tragic Hero Records debut Hell Is Where the Heart Is, which drops Jan. 15. Not familiar with A Faylene Sky? Then get acquainted with the lyric vid now! [Via Press Release]

Watch A Faylene Sky's 'To Raise the Nation' Lyric Video

Dirge Within have offered up a free download of the song "Without You," featuring new singer Travis Neal (Divine Heresy.) The band chose to give away this track since it represents where they are both melodically and vocally. Take a listen below:

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