Devin Townsend In 2009, former Strapping Young Lad throat Devin Townsend released what was perhaps one of the best metal discs of the year, 'Addicted,' the second of four records he plans on releasing under the Devin Townsend Project banner. Townsend toured in support of the disc for the first time in years, hitting the road with Between the Buried and Me and Cynic. Now, Hevy Devy is setting his sights on 2010.

Fresh from an Australian trek, Townsend says he's preparing for European tours this summer, including a festival gig during which he'll perform his 2007 LP 'Ziltoid the Omniscient' in its entirety. He's also working on new material and planning a run of U.S. and Canadian shows for October.

"I have been recording [the next two Devin Townsend Project discs] 'Deconstruction' and 'Ghost' in my spare time, and I have to say things just keep getting deeper," Townsend comments. "I have a feeling that my proudest creative moments are yet to come, and my focus right now is really great. I think there's something about the perspective gained from the few years off that has gone a long way. Relearning what my motivations were as an artist really came from having some clear-headed time to reflect. I'm so ready, and love what I do."

Townsend has said that 'Deconstruction' would be a return to heavy, following the agro-pop on 'Addicted.' "I've been writing late into the nights, and although 'Deconstruction' will confuse and possibly annoy some (many?), I believe it's a real triumph for me," he says. "Yes, it's 'heavy,' but in the same way that [SYL's] 'Alien' was indicative of my thoughts at that age, 'Deconstruction' is a mirror of my now. Dare I say 'mature'? ... nah. But it's pretty over the edge. Again, it will surprise quite a few folks that expect my current vision of 'heavy' to be like me in my mid-20s or early 30s. 'Deconstruction' sounds like someone's angry dad."

The fourth disc, called 'Ghost,' will be an ambient endeavor, and Townsend says he'll release the record, along with 'Deconstruction,' in the spring of 2011.

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