The Devil Wears Prada

"I read in my bunk before I go to bed," Mike Hranica of the Devil Wears Prada tells Noisecreep via phone from Chicago. "During the day, I can never really get myself to sit down and read, because my mind is going with so many other things. I want to get up and do something and hang out with the guys."

Hranica isn't your average rock star. The well-read road warrior admits he's more 'anti' than 'social' and loves to curl up with a good book after his work day is done. While some metallers might talk a big game about loving to read, Hranica backs it up, ticking off author after author and making all of us at Noisecreep eager to hit our nearest corner bookshop. Just like us, Hranica relies on friends for book recommendations. Of course, his friends might be a tad cooler than ours.

"Right now I'm reading 'The Devil in the White City' by Eric Larson. It's about the World's Fair in Chicago. I love Chicago. I actually saw a tweet from Rise Against recommending it -- talking about Chicago history," Hranica further explains.

Hranica surely isn't old. After all, he graduated high school just a couple of years ago but fronts the Devil Wears Prada with amazing aplomb, juggling a career about to burst into the metal stratosphere while also living a double life as a normal 20-something on the move. The early twenties are an interesting age: a full fledged adult with one foot back in high school frivolity. For Hranica, high school meant picking some favorite authors he'd carry over into adulthood. These same authors are helping shape Hranica as a writer.

"In high school I read a lot of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Just stuff like horror and you can't put down. I like to read Oscar Wilde, a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe. I've read a lot of Chuck Klosterman. I haven't read his new one, but I really liked 'Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs.' He's put out a new one called 'Downtown Owl,' and I read some of it -- I like it a bit. I do like to read, and I wish I did it more. I need to focus on it, and I think it helps me as a writer. In writing my own stuff, whether it's lyrics or anything else I hope to write someday -- if I ever have the ability and patience to write a book. Reading, not only does it entertain, it helps me become better at [writing]. That's something I'm focusing on and something I enjoy."

Catch The Devil Wears Prada on tour soon with Killswitch Engage.