Nathan Explosion, lead vocalist and lyrical visionary of Dethklok, isn't known for his subtlety. The vocalist, who can be seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim show 'Metalocalypse,' is as subtle as a wheelbarrow of bricks falling on your head. He isn't known for being self-aware, either! As his legendary band readies its second album, 'Dethklok: The Dethalbum II,' for release in September, Nathan Explosion clued Noisecreep in about two of the album's key tracks -- and revealed a not-so-obvious songwriting, um, influence.

'Laser Canon Deth Sentence':
"I think that song is self-explanatory. We wanted to write a song that had to do with capital punishment from the point of view of punisher and the person who is being executed. The imagery is that of a guy strapped to a rocket and killed with a laser canon as he is shot in the sky. It's classic songwriting, if you listen to Chicago blues, Simon and Garfunkel. It's like that, only we're doing it faster."

'I Tamper With Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin':
"We knew when we came up with it, it would be a hit. It's easy to say, the words are quick and memorable. 'I Tamper With the Evidence ...' also has lots of consonants and vowels. We collectively are not sure what it's really about. But there is classic songwriting and it's like the Who, Emerson, Lake and Palmer. We borrowed from elements of Chicago-style blues."

As for how 'Dethalbum II' differs from its predecessor, Nathan told Noisecreep, "[The album] is faster, uglier and more melodic at the same time, but it's definitely faster, and therefore, better." But can a death metal album ever be too fast? Not in Dethklok's mind. "One of my goals is to be faster every record, rather than being like other bands who are getting slower each record," Nathan said.

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