The fictitious yet wonderfully satirical cartoon band Dethklok have became a headlining act on the road, released two bigger albums and exposed a whole new pack of people to jokes about Dimmu Borgir. The third season of the TV show 'Metalocalypse' -- called 'The Dead Man,' due to the life altering effects the assassination of their manager has upon them -- debuted back in November when the show's episodes jumped from the 11-minute mark to 21 minutes long.

On Nov. 2, the DVD will be released as well as a jam packed Blu-ray -- a first for the show.

"We're all very excited about the Blu-ray thing because we produce the show at a really high resolution. Finally people will get to see how hard our art director works!" said co-creator Brendon Small.

Exclusive special features to the Blu-ray consist of Nathan Explosion reading from William Shakespeare's 'Othello' and five music videos that were featured on Dethklok's last tour, among other things. Both versions contain extended scene features, Facebones background art tour and a feature called 'Skwisgaar and Nathan ordering at the drive-thru.'