If there is one way CKY frontman Deron Miller can describe his "other" project World Under Blood, it's "f---ing pissed off."

World Under Blood formed in September 2006 when CKY singer/guitarist Deron Miller and renowned death metal drummer Tim Yeung [Nile, Divine Heresy, Morbid Angel] bumped into one another at the famed haunt The Rainbow in Hollywood. The nascent band immediately recorded a couple of songs before hitting a bit of a wall, thanks to scheduling problems with their numerous other projects. Bassist Risha Eryavac [ex-Decrepit Birth] and guitarist Luke Jaeger [Sleep Terror] were added to the band, completing the lineup. Now, their album 'Tactical' will hit stores next week.

Miller might be overbooked, thanks to his full time job, but he said that the members of CKY felt that "doing side projects would strengthen the band. Me and [drummer] Jess [Margera] were the only ones that did one that I know of. It was quite frankly a mess in 2006-2007."

World Under Blood obviously were not born of longstanding friendships, but they were a happy accident. "I didn't know any of the members that well. I hung out with Tim Yeung a little bit. And then went searching online and said, 'You. You come with us.' It just worked out as fate would have it," Miller told Noisecreep.

While the band members met in LA, the City of Angels had no bearing on the sounds of 'Tactical.' Miller said, "LA? Ha. No. More like '90s Florida. If LA had any influence on any of my projects, I'd be paying the Whisky to let my band play for 20 minutes. F--- that."

Watch 'A God Among the Waste' from World Under Blood

'Tactical' boasts an ocean of blood on the cover, which is a vivid (and thoroughly) metal image that has no bearing on the lyrical subject matter of the album. "I guess I told Par Ollofson 'World Under Blood' and what I got back was exactly what I wanted. It's one of those albums where the title of the album has nothing to do with the cover," Miller said. "It's based off the band name. A lot of people will probably bitch about that, but if you look at all of Led Zeppelin's album covers, they all suck...and make no sense. So to hell with it."

As for what extreme metal fans and even CKY fans can expect from the album? "Brutality, in some sense," Miller said. As a metal fan who reads metal publications, Miller also ends up reading his own press, saying, "7 seems to be my lucky number. Every album I play or participate on gets a 7 out of 10. Doesn't matter how good or bad the music is. Decibel was the first mag to review and they gave it a '7.' The funny thing is, reading the review, you'd think the album was a '10.' It's the best review I've ever read of anything I've done, mostly because the words 'ridiculous' and 'over the top' were mentioned."

World Under Blood's tour plans remain to be seen, though. "I don't know if the band will tour. Will the record sell? The way I see it, if the record bombs, a tour would bomb, so que sera," Miller said.

World Under Blood's 'Tactical' is out July 26th via Nuclear Blast Records.