Deicide, one of the Florida death metal acts that have become nearly-synonymous with the presence of satanism in metal, continue to chug out albums in their 20-plus year career. Their latest installment, 'To Hell With God,' offers up another batch of God-hating brutality. Tackling their traditionally blasphemous cover art is the design duo of Grim Twins art studio.

"We both had a lot of confrontations within the work," designers Alexandr "Kwaadnar" Balinets and Eugene "j0nny" Postebaylo told Noisecreep. "Each of us had his own vision, so sometimes we had fights because of that, until we got some compromise. But as a result we made a great work and everyone is satisfied with it."

Kwaadnar and j0nny are both artists based in the unlikely country of Kazakhstan. They began as solo designers, but decided it was better to combine their talents under the same roof. Thus, the Grim Twins art studio was formed.

"It was very interesting and exciting to work with Deicide," they explained. "Glen [Benton] gave us some general idea and asked us to make it like an old-style painting. The general idea shows us Christ, which is going down to hell [with] skeletons around. We wanted to put some doomed and fiery atmosphere, a lot of skeletons with pikes, which are lusting [after] Christ's flesh, to show to a viewer that Christ has no chance to survive."

'To Hell with God' will be released on Century Media Records.

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